Looks like you either got lost or lack good judgement, but since you’re you’re here, on the wrong side of the internets… Welcome to JuanWayne.net!

Things to know:

1- This is the home of the Analog Multi-Effects Processor. Yes, I will eventually rename it. Still, it’s a fully analog multi effects, that should be cool enough for now, stupid name or not.

2- This is also the home of 230, a band I’d like you to listen to. There’s only 5 songs online right now, so if you have 15 minutes to spare, check out this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWShu1dwOOk&list=PLiC9v_FV8zNSfM2DnAyaTHLkjD1UGAGPP

Feel free to dig around. You can always pull the plug from the wall if it starts to get weird.

Alright, that’s it!


Analog Multi-Effects Processor

The title says it all: A true Analog Multi-Effects Processor.

Capable of accepting up to 12 individual effects, any effect you can think of… plus two external loop, and the ability to re-arrange the chain at will, configure every single variable of every pedal, processing two independent signals simultaneously, sum them back, send them to different amps, reversing phase, add them again…

With up to 250 completely independent presets, possibilities are infinite.

Procesador Multi Efectos Analógico

El título lo dice todo: Un auténtico procesador multi efectos enteramente analógico.

Capaz de incluir hasta 12 efectos individuales, cualquier efecto imaginable… más dos loops de efectos, más las capacidad de cambiar el orden de la cadena a gusto, configurar cada variable de cada pedal, procesar dos señales independientes a la vez, sumarlas, sacarlas por amplificadores independientes, invertir la fase, sumarlas de nuevo…

Con 250 bancos de memoria totalmente independientes, las posibilidades son infinitas.