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The EP is out!

Well, it has been for a while…

Okay, it was released 3 weeks ago, I posted the Spotify teaser, I made a dumb Napster joke probably no-one under 30 will get, and nobody without a penny in their mouth right now will laugh at… but I’m just a regular ass, so yeah, I forgot to post my own EP.

I’m a boob.

Now let me make things right. I present to you: The Empty Spot.



Awesome cover art by yo_anti_

I thought about prefacing this by saying I’ve never been much of a big Hip-Hop guy, but to be fair, Hip-Hop is only about 3% of what Trix does.

So instead, I’ll preface this by saying Trix is the shit.

Here’s ThisIsTrix on Spotify, and you’ll probably find him anywhere where there’s music as well (plug out of the way, preface done, quick stolen image to make this less of a text wall).

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Looks like you either got lost or lack good judgement, but since you’re here, on the wrong side of the internets… Welcome to JuanWayne.net!

Things to know:

1- I post mostly songs by 230 for the time being, so if you have about 20 minutes to spare, check out the EP for free: The Empty Spot.

2- This is also the home of the Analog Multi-Effects Processor. Yes, I will eventually rename it. Still, it’s a fully analog multi effects, that should be cool enough for now, stupid name or not. Here’s a demo if you don’t believe me.

Feel free to dig around. You can always pull the plug from the wall if it starts to get weird.

Alright, that’s it!