Juan Wayne

Dubious Randomness

You’re here, and I’m sure there’s some sort of a reason, most likely an awful mistake, but I’ll make it worth your it.

There’s mainly 3 things here, because I AM 3 things: a Musician, an Electronics Engineer, and a Big-Mouthed Asshole. So in order of appearance:


Here you’ll find all about 230, my band, which also has its own YouTube Channel, Soundcloud, Bandcamp and is also on Spotify and every single digital store. There’s also some collaboration work I’ve done with immensely talented people, so check them out, or what the hell, contact me and maybe we’ll do something.

Analog Multi-FX:

Yeah, I did that shit.

It’s an all-analog, yet digitally controlled, Multi-FX unit for musical instruments.

How awesome is that? I even took some of my old DIY, shamelessly cloned guitar pedals, and I re-cloned them into easy plug-and-play modules you just throw in, set up to taste, arrange in any order, store presets… it’s limitless, it’s analog, and nobody has ever done anything even remotely close to that. Check out the videos, it’s fucking awesome!

Other bullshit, mostly tech stuff:

So the previous category was about me being an Electronics Engineer, while this one is more about me being a big-mouthed asshole who incidentally happens to be an Electronics Engineer.

The thing is, I like arguing about pointless shit like the effects of tonewood on guitars (which is a debate mostly led by flat-earthers) and the magic behind snake-oil capacitors.

I don’t do it out of sheer arrogance. Honestly, there was a time when I couldn’t tell the difference between pickups on a guitar by playing the damn thing, and I didn’t use the knobs on my guitar (seriously, not even the volume – I was 20-something, not 10, so go figure). Now I know about those things and in quite some depth, so I try to help when I can. Otherwise, I shut the fuck up, but if I don’t, I’ll try to post it here, not only on thegearpage.net or the likes.


There’s some other stuff that I’ll just throw into More Randomness if I feel like it. I wanted to try and keep this from getting too bloggy, but who knows. We’ll see how it goes.

Alright that’s it.

Alright, way back when I got this thing running I promised myself to not let it turn into one of those dark, humid and sorta basement-smelling places on the internets.

So as all things in my life, I went right ahead and did exactly that.

Well truth is, I actually do write a lot, mostly on forums about gear and shit. Not gonna lie, I’m kind of an asshole with a big mouth and some academic formation to back it up, so I spew a lot of crap around about capacitors and pickups and all that, and who woulda thunk it, some people actually find it useful, and even funny at times. I happen to be a colorfully talking fella, or so I hear.

Note: I’m a native Spanish speaker, so I’m a colorful asshole in translation, and maybe that’s what people find funny.

What’s the point then? I’m gonna start posting that useful/funny crap here, just for the fuck of it, even if that means straight up posting self-copypasta from those same forums as if they were new stuff. Who cares? It’s good info anyway and I’m gathering it here as I either come up with it or simply dig it up from those joints.

Some basics to get out of the way, mostly to get the ball rolling:

– Wood DOES make a a difference in tone on any electric instrument, anyone claiming the opposite is a flat-earther.

– Paper-in-oil capacitors sound the same as ceramic ones, I don’t care how much money you spent. They do look cool though, but that’s pretty much it.

– Any Op-Amp labeled 4558, in any way, shape or form, is a 4558. The end. I don’t give a fuck who made it or when, it doesn’t make your Tube Screamer clone any special.

That’s it for now.

I’m paraphrasing/translating, but the point is I spend most of my time babbling my random nonsense and then just like nothing, you come across awesome people that can spew lines like these as if they were farting in the wind.

Ismael Sposito is exactly that kind of people, and when he’s not speaking in awesome, he’s making great music, eclectic, insanely original music.

Anyway, dude’s got an album, the first of a couple hundred I assume, by the way he’s constantly in the pursuit of new noises to make. It’s called “A Través” and everyone and their mother should check it out on his Soundcloud or pay him a visit on his YouTube channel.


Oh and by the way, I’m featured on track 4!